Decoration is Our Life!


Intractably attached to our philosophy of life that is upon purity class kindness respect beauty and Love

Following this philosophy, we created this charming place at the heart of Pefkos, the main beach!. We used indigenous materials as is the stone and rocks from the local mountains and wood as basic architectural elements. A stone wall with a solid turquoise door drives us back to the tradition, representing a typical Greek insular house as is deeply engraved in our memories.

The garden of the house that existed was preserved and enriched, making the space warm and welcoming. At every glance on the corners of the space you will discover more and some handmade artefacts. Bird houses, wooden cat house, lights made of water pumpkin, love benches, candle lanterns, vases all made by the owner.

In a place where the past meets the future with a subtle elegance, we welcome you to immerse yourself in the full experience of kritamo.



Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner & Cocktail !

From morning to night with 2 different menus

  • Starting at 09:30 for your breakfast, brunch and lunch which you can enjoy during the day under the breeze of the trees even the hottest days of the summer.
  • Dinner is served after 18:00 with a pleasant variety of inspired dishes from the night menu, under the unlimited color palette of the sky, (in a chilling atmosphere) where soft music and candles are taking place.
  • You can also enjoy your cocktail at our love benches made strictly for 2, or at the charming atmosphere of the lounge area which delight your senses.
Kritamo Menu

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